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Chart For Blood Pressure By Age

A blood pressure chart is a useful tool for adults to determine whether their blood pressure is within a healthy range. It measures both the systolic and diastolic pressures and is useful for adults of any age. Systolic pressure refers to the force exerted by the heart on the arteries when it beats, while diastolic pressure refers to the pressure placed on the arteries between beats.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the result of pressure in the blood vessels. This pressure is considered a major risk factor for heart disease, and rises steadily with age. Blood pressure levels of 10 mm Hg or greater are a good indicator of high blood pressure and are a good sign of possible heart disease. If you have high blood pressure, you should see a doctor regularly and work toward improving your blood pressure management.

Blood pressure is often higher with age, and it’s always best to keep it as low as possible. However, if your BP is above the upper limit of 120/80 mmHg, it may be a sign of a hypertensive crisis. In this case, it’s best to call your doctor immediately.

A blood pressure chart can help you understand what is normal and abnormal blood pressure for your age. Blood pressure is typically measured in two different ways, with the systolic pressure being higher, while diastolic pressure is lower. For healthy individuals, the ideal blood pressure is 120/80 or less. For those with elevated blood pressure, this is a serious condition that should be treated. Regular exercise and a change in lifestyle can help manage the condition.

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