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Can You Take Vitamins Alongside High Blood Pressure Tablets?

can you take vitamins alongside high blood pressure tablets

Taking vitamins alongside high blood pressure tablets can reduce blood pressure in some people, but not all. There is some debate about the effectiveness of these supplements, but the truth is, they are very safe to take. And some studies have even shown that they may help reduce your blood pressure. Before trying any supplements, though, consult your doctor. Some of the supplements discussed here are available over the counter or are available in health stores.

Many multivitamins contain sodium, a mineral that is responsible for nerve and muscle function. It has also been linked to elevated blood pressure, so cutting your salt intake is recommended. Sodium helps regulate blood pressure, but too much sodium can cause serious side effects. People with high blood pressure should stick to sodium levels of less than 1,500 mg per day. Higher quantities can cause water retention, which puts extra stress on the heart.

Vitamin D may be a supplement you should consider taking. While it does not directly affect blood pressure, it is known to help lower calcium levels, which are a known cause of high blood pressure. A study conducted on 25,000 people found that high levels of vitamin D did not increase the risk of high blood pressure in healthy adults. However, this did not show a significant reduction in hypertension in obese individuals or older people who took vitamin D supplements.

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