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Blood Pressure Readings And What They Mean

High blood pressure readings and what they mean to you and your doctor can be confusing. Your blood pressure can be increased without your doing anything at all. High blood pressure (hypertension) is usually measured using a mercury sphygmomanometer which historically uses the height of a mercury column to indicate the high blood pressure. Many newer blood pressure monitoring devices are now available; however not all of these new devices measure blood pressure correctly. Blood pressure measurements are normally reported in millimeters of mercury, although many newer and more accurate devices don’t contain mercury at all.

blood pressure readings and what they mean

If you suffer from high blood pressure then you should seek immediate medical attention. High blood pressure often results in the kidneys failing, heart problems, strokes and even an increase in type 2 diabetes. Hypertension, if left untreated or corrected, can result in the death of the individual. Therefore it is imperative that high blood pressure readings are carefully monitored by a physician or otherwise qualified person.

The reason that blood pressure is often elevated is a direct result of heart rate. When you exercise your heart pumps more blood through your body. This extra blood causes your heart to expand and contract. When you exert yourself your heart muscles contract in preparation for the work that is being done. As you can imagine, exercising your heart can cause some major increases in your blood pressure as your heart causes it to race through your body.

The heart rate also raises your blood pressure. There is nothing more irritating than when someone is talking on the phone and their voice suddenly gets very loud. The sound pressure created by the call is then heard by you. It is the same for high blood pressure readings. The larger the sounds your hear the higher your blood pressure. Even the loudest television shows produce sound pressure levels that are enough to spike your blood pressure.

If a person has an elevated blood pressure reading, there are a few things that may be happening within the body. For example, you may be experiencing a medical issue with your heart or with your kidneys. You may also have a liver condition. In these cases the elevated blood pressure may be caused by the interaction of more than one factor. For example, you may have a heart condition, an elevated blood pressure in your kidney, a liver condition, or both.

If a person has normal blood pressure, then it is likely that the sound that they hear on their monitor is due to heart rate. Whenever a person exercises their heart rate will increase. When you listen to a reading on your monitor, then you can see how your heart rate is varying throughout your workout. The reason a reading on your monitor varies from one person to the next is because each person has slightly different exercise routines and hear different sound pitches on their monitors.

Sometimes when a person has normal blood pressure, they are still at risk for high blood pressure. Some medications that a person takes can cause an elevated blood pressure. For example, some prescription medications can cause an elevated blood pressure reading. If you take blood pressure medication regularly, you should talk with your doctor about other possible side effects of the medication. Taking blood pressure medicine regularly but not as much as you should could actually lead to a problem.

Finally, sometimes a person may have a mild form of hypertension. This can be something that only occurs on occasion, or it can be something that happens often. A mild form of hypertension does not have any serious medical complications, but it can still be dangerous. This is because a high blood pressure reading can actually mimic a more serious medical problem, such as a heart attack. Therefore, if you have any high blood pressure readings, you should immediately contact your doctor to get more information about your health.

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