Blood Pressure-Lowering Device

blood pressure lowering device

Are there any clinical trials for the new magnetic field therapy for high blood pressure? There have been some interesting studies involving dogs. A magnetic field that is very strong on one side of the body and weak on the other can actually lower blood pressure by up to fifteen percent. This was done using a transducer that measures the pressure of blood by measuring the change in the skin’s electrical activity. Two main areas where this therapy has had some success are pain and swelling in the shoulder and legs.

This new therapy is currently being marketed as a dietary supplement or a brand of homeopathic medication called “My Pillow Power”. It is being sold in many health food stores and online at prices that are hard to afford for most people. What is not communicated very widely is the fact that this is not a cure for high blood pressure, but merely a way to control it. If you already have a healthy heart, you may want to ask your doctor if the use of My Pillow Power might be dangerous. Although it is difficult to say right now, it could turn out to be an important aid in heart health for many people.

Is the magnetic-field blood pressure-lowering device safe for everyone who will be using it? Currently there are no clinical trials that are directly available from this new device. One device manufacturer, NCE Research, is conducting a small clinical trial with up to four hundred participants. At present, the company is recruiting women over the age of sixty-five who have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

The primary mechanism of action of My Pillow Power is to correct the autonomic neuropathy (a condition where the sympathetic nervous system controls blood pressure) by adjusting the magnetic field around blood vessels. This device is meant to help lower hypertension without the use of prescription medications. So far, studies seem to show that patients using the My Pillow Power are achieving reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Patients also report feeling more rested and calm, as well as having greater flexibility and lower pain thresholds. In addition, there are no reports of discontinuation or rescheduling of treatments in either patients or doctors’ offices when using this non-drug therapy for lowering blood pressure.

Now, let’s discuss how this magnetic treatment works. As previously mentioned, the magnetic field affects the autonomic nervous system. In this case, the study found that the reduced blood pressure corresponds directly to the decreased blood pressure in the brain. Therefore, the magnetic therapy has the potential to treat not only hypertension but other common conditions as well. The second part of the mechanism is that this magnetic treatment appears to have a lasting effect. Although there are currently clinical trials underway, there have been many situations in which the use of My Pillow Power has resulted in a long-lasting effect.

As you can see, there are a number of good reasons to use a My Pillow Power to lower your blood pressure. However, in order to gain the most benefit from this device, you must use it correctly. Many people make the mistake of overusing a My Pillow Power. For example, if someone is trying to lower their blood pressure with it three times a week, they should only use it two times per week. Using it too frequently can cause it to lose its effectiveness and will be less effective than a placebo in any situation. Thus, if you want to use My Pillow Power to help you lower your blood pressure, you need to know how to use it correctly.

First of all, it is important that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer closely. The manufacturer recommends that you use the magnetic treatment two times per week. If you do not follow their recommendations, your blood pressure may become too high and you could even begin to experience adverse side effects such as hypotension or low blood circulation.

This is why it is important to learn how to use the My Pillow Power properly. By following the instructions provided, you can help your blood pressure from becoming too high or too low. Thus, you will be able to use this amazing blood pressure-lowering device to lower your blood pressure safely and effectively, without having to worry about adverse side effects or having to slow breathing down by using the device incorrectly.

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