Blood Pressure During Exercise

Do you suffer from hypertension? Are you trying to control it or at least cope with it? If so, you should know that your diet and exercise can help you in controlling it. A recent study showed that two measures of blood pressure were recorded: blood pressure before and after exercise, and how fast blood pressure returned back to normal within 3 minutes after exercise. The researchers then noted systolic blood pressure, that is the top pressure measured when a person’s heart beatc, and diastolic, that is the lower pressure when the person’s heart relaxes.

blood pressure during exercise

Systole is the top reading, while diastole is the bottom reading. So, if you are exercising, your blood flows at a faster pace, bringing more blood into your tissues. This increased blood flow reduces the resting blood pressure. Your heart works harder, pumping blood faster throughout your body. Your arteries receive more oxygen, speeding up their function.

When these changes occur, it can have a significant impact on your health. Increased blood pressure during exercise may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. It also raises the risk of kidney failure. It is not clear whether these increased risks are due to the exercise, or to other factors, such as the medications people take, which can slow down or prevent the body from pumping blood fast enough during exercise. But, researchers do note that people who are taking medications for high blood pressure should be cautious about following exercise programs, especially if they stop taking their medicines.

Another study that took place at the Royal Veterinary Medical College in the UK found that there are a decrease in diastolic blood pressure and an increase in the systolic blood pressure during exercise in dogs. The dogs had to remain immobile for a period of time, while the scientists measured the responses of their hearts. After this time, the heart was asked to work at a greater intensity.  This conclusions of this research support the idea that when you exercise, you raise the blood vessel pressure of your heart and it may work harder than normal. Therefore, it is suggested that you exercise with a high cardiovascular activity as close as possible to your own heart beat.

Individuals with higher blood pressures, such as individuals who have hypertension or other health conditions, need to talk to their doctor before beginning any exercise program. It is also important to note that individuals with heart disease, or individuals over the age of sixty-five, should consider talking to the doctor prior to beginning an exercise program. Exercise should be performed in moderation and individuals with hypertension or other heart problems should always have a checkup with their physician. If an individual has been smoking cigarettes, the exercise should also be restricted as these substances are very dangerous for your health. It is very important to try to quit smoking if you are an individual who is suffering from hypertension. By doing so, you could lower the amount of stress in your life and be able to live a healthier life.

It is known that exercise can help improve the circulatory system and help individuals with lower blood pressure achieve better overall health. It is important to maintain a healthy weight, avoid medications that contribute to stress and try to get plenty of rest when exercising. When exercising, it is important to perform these activities for no more than an hour at a time, at least three times a week, although many recommend exercising for no more than thirty minutes at any one time. If you are unsure about how long you should rest between exercising bouts, consult your physician or home health care provider.

Some individuals do not like to take medication when they have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. This should not prevent you from trying to lower your blood pressure as medication is only one way to do so. You can also choose to do exercises in order to achieve your goal. Exercising for fifteen minutes a day can do a lot for those suffering from hypertension. The fifteen minutes of exercise will increase your resting heart rate and reduce the amount of stress in your body. Those who want to lower their blood pressure naturally can also choose to take supplements or herbal remedies that have been proven effective to lower blood pressure.

Exercise and diet can be very helpful in overcoming hypertension. The increased circulation, less stress and improved nutrition can lead to a lower blood pressure following exercise. Anyone who suffers from hypertension should consider reducing the amount of stress they experience in their daily life, as this can make a significant difference in their overall health. Lowering your blood pressure during exercise will also lead to a longer and healthier life.