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Blood Pressure Chart For Seniors

blood pressure chart for seniors

If you are over the age of sixty, you have to be very careful about your blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to many medical complications and can even result in death. So, it is important to keep an eye on it.

Want to avoid a stroke with hypertension? Watch your blood pressure often. You may not notice it now, but over time hypertension can damage your arteries. The following are tips to keeping hypertension at bay with a blood pressure chart for seniors.

When looking at a blood pressure chart, it is important to remember that some medications may raise it. Some medications lower it. And, some over-the-counter medications, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen, can actually cause it.

Antihistamines, such as Benadryl, can lower blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels. Also, antihypertensive medicines, such as diuretics, strengthen the heart muscle. But they don’t relax the blood vessels. Corticosteroids also reduce the stress on the heart. This makes it easier for the blood vessels to relax and widen, thus lowering blood pressure.

To cut back on hypertension medications, try to find natural alternatives to prescription drugs. Two ways to do that are by using herbal supplements and cutting back on your caloric intake.

Some herbal supplements, such as ginger and turmeric, have been shown to lower blood pressure without harming the heart or brain. Cutting back on your caloric intake can be tough on seniors with weight issues, but it’s a necessary first step in trying to get healthier.

Prescription medications should be used only after consulting with your doctor. They may possibly be helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms of your cardiovascular disease. Always take the medications as prescribed by your physician, even if you think that they aren’t helping. If you begin to experience side effects, you may decide to stop taking the medications. Your physician will tell you how to safely stop taking your blood pressure medications.

Many seniors suffer from high blood pressure, simply because they live an unhealthy lifestyle. This causes them to consume more unrefined foods, which increase their body’s acidity level. Unrefined foods contain things like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, salt, sugar, and white flour.

Consuming too much of these foods in your diet may possibly increase your body’s pH level, which increases your blood’s acidity. The more acid in your blood contains, the more it tends to raise your blood pressure.

Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. Some seniors will find that they do not exercise, because they feel too sickly to do so. Instead of sitting watching TV, try running in place for half an hour a day (you can still watch TV).

You will see that this will help you get into better shape. High blood pressure is very treatable, if it is treated in the early stages. Seniors could try measuring their blood pressure while referring to their chart for motivation.

One of the best ways to get control of high blood pressure is to get plenty of sleep. The average adult requires 8 hours of sleep. The more sleep you get, the more restorative your cardiovascular system will be.

Sleep allows your body to recuperate from the stress of the day and repair the damage to your arteries that has occurred during the day. Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure.

Eating unrefined foods helps to build your immunity to disease – you become less susceptible to illness. You also create a healthier body with increased nutrient absorption and depleted mineral deposits. Unrefined foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans. These foods assist in improving your overall health and condition.

One thing that definitely will assist you to reduce your blood pressure is to engage in stress management techniques. One way to do this is to do regular cardiovascular workouts. This should incorporate both weight training and cardiovascular exercises.

Exercises are very effective as they increase the amount blood that is being pumped throughout your body. By engaging in a regular cardiovascular workout, seniors can reduce the chances of developing arteriosclerosis.

Being physically active will decrease the chances of getting heart attack and stroke. Just as eating unrefined foods helps to reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, engaging in a regular workout routine will decrease the chance of developing a heart attack or stroke.

Many seniors elect to jog or walk daily. If you elect to jog or walk on a regular basis, you should include the activity as part of your daily exercise regimen. Being physically active will ensure that your body remains well-tuned and ready for the rigors of modern life.

Implementation of all the advice above will surely bring your blood pressure to a position much closer to what your chart says it should be.

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