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Beetroot For Blood Pressure

beetroot for blood pressure

The use of beetroot juice to control blood pressure may have many benefits.

In the UK, about 16 million people suffer from high blood pressure. About a third of these people aren’t aware they have the condition, which is treatable with lifestyle changes, exercise and some drug treatments. Blood pressure levels over 140/90 mmHg are considered high, or hypertension. Systolic blood pressure is the amount of pressure that is generated by the heart’s surge during the heart’s beating.

Beetroot contains Vitamin B, which improves nerve function. The iron content helps purify the blood and improves circulation. Beetroots also contain phytochemicals that increase the circulation of blood throughout the body. Eating beetroot is also an excellent way to lower high blood pressure. You can add beetroot to salads and soups to boost your health. Adding beetroot to your diet is a great way to lower your blood pressure naturally and easily.

A recent study at Queen Mary University London found that beetroot juice can lower blood pressure. One study found that taking 250ml (8 ounces) of the juice reduced patients’ blood pressure by 10mmHg. The effect continued to be apparent up to a day later. It seems that beetroot juice can help people with high blood pressure because it contains nitrate, a chemical that widens blood vessels. Many people take nitrate drugs to control high blood pressure, but the effects of beetroot juice may be even more potent.

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