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Average Blood Pressure For Age Chart

average blood pressure for age chart

It’s important to understand what your average blood pressure should be for your age. There are guidelines for children, adolescents, and adults. Usually the lower your blood pressure, the better. If your pressure is too high, you should speak with your health care provider and get it under control. Even if it isn’t life-threatening, high blood pressure can still be dangerous if not treated.

Blood pressure is a result of the heart’s action in pumping blood through the body. It provides oxygen and nutrients to the organs and helps prevent organ damage. However, the pressure can fluctuate depending on your age, health conditions, and lifestyle habits. A high pressure can cause serious health consequences, including heart disease and premature death.

The risk of hypertension increases as you age. High systolic pressure increases your risk of heart disease and can cause the heart to become stiff. It can also cause narrowed or hardened arteries, which limit blood flow. It is important to visit a healthcare professional regularly to manage your high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is often influenced by other factors, including sex, weight, exercise, and emotional stress. Males tend to have higher blood pressure than females.  Once a person is at rest, the pressure decreases back to normal.

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