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Alternative Medicine For Blood Pressure

alternative medicine for blood pressure

Some people claim that snorting medicine can reduce blood pressure. But what if that isn’t true? What is the truth? The answer lies in a controversial new study, which suggests otherwise. This study was conducted by two Harvard researchers, Diego Serna and David Cecil.

In this study, 19084 patients were randomly assigned to take a pill either at bedtime or on waking. They were monitored for the longest time. On average, the participants had annual ambulatory blood pressure checks. This study was the largest study of its kind and is considered a breakthrough.

These studies do not claim to have found a cure for hypertension or to lower blood pressure. However, they claim to have demonstrated a number of beneficial effects. Some people swear by them. However, others have questioned whether they are effective. And some doctors are skeptical about the results. A doctor can recommend a variety of treatments, including herbal medicines, in conjunction with standard treatments.

Many patients with high blood pressure turn to complementary and alternative medicine. There are numerous studies that suggest some alternative medicine may help reduce blood pressure. However, most of these treatments are not fully studied and need to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Because of this, it is important to consult your doctor before trying any alternative medicine for blood pressure.

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