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7 Foods That Lower Your Blood Pressure

A question often asked by those who have hypertension: what are 7 foods that lower your blood pressure? (Perhaps 7 is a magic number, or maybe 7 foods is as much as anyone wants to remember.) If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are some foods that lower it you should be eating. They do not have to be a diet you follow forever, but they can help you now. The best part about these foods is the fact that they do not take much effort on your part to put into your diet. If you know what kind of food you are eating, you will know what to eat more of. In this article, some foods to eat and some to avoid will be covered (maybe not exactly 7, though).

7 foods that lower your blood pressure

For instance, most people know that you need protein in your diet. However, many people tend to think that if they stick with low-protein foods, they will be getting all the protein they need. This is not necessarily true. Some low-protein foods actually have a higher amount of cholesterol and saturated fats in them than the high-protein foods.

Opinion is divided on the value of red meat for hypertension sufferers. Many doctors say that it is bad; however, there are those who maintain that as red meat meat has protein, it is of value in the fight against high blood pressure, though best eaten lean. This may be something you have to make up your own mind about.

However, there are a few kinds of meats that are known to lower your blood pressure and those are chicken and fish. These meats are leaner than most other meats, which makes them a better choice for your diet. However, if you do not care for chicken and fish, you can incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet as well. They provide you with protein, but they are also low in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Fruits and vegetables are two other kinds of foods that lower your blood pressure. When you eat fruits and vegetables, you get a lot of fiber in your food as well. Fiber gives you a feeling of fullness and satiety, which keeps you from eating too much at one time. Since fiber can be clogged in the digestive system, you need to cleanse your system often to avoid this problem. If you can’t avoid it, at least have a nice big salad with lots of chopped veggies and fruits to cleanse out the system.

The problem with all of these food groups is that we often eat a lot of each and don’t pay any attention to our food intake. We tend to grab snacks throughout the day rather than exercising or having a healthier meal. Because of this, most people end up having to learn how to read labels and choose the best food that they can for their lifestyle. This can be quite difficult because there are so many different types of low fat, low sugar, etc… you name it, there is probably a food to eat.

One way to get around this problem is to learn about which of these food groups are good for you. For example, if you are an eater of junk food, then at least eat foods that are high in protein. At the same time, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also, you should watch your consumption of refined sugar, fried foods and salt. You can also incorporate more whole grains, dairy and lean meats into your diet to get the most out of your food choices.

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