Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Natural Blood Pressure Medicine

Garlic is a powerful natural blood pressure medicine, especially for hypertension, and it can significantly lower your high blood pressure, especially if it is just in the beginning stage of the disease. Garlic has great anti-inflammatory properties, and it can effectively lower blood sugar level and cholesterol. These properties make it effective in reducing high… Continue reading Natural Blood Pressure Medicine

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally Fast

One of the easiest and most natural ways of lowering blood pressure naturally fast is through consuming natural apple and beetroot juice. One clinical trial involving elderly people reported that a juice made from fresh beets and apples was effective in lowering high blood pressure (hypertension). The participants drank one glass every day of their… Continue reading Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally Fast

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

Blood pressure is affected by lifestyle and environmental factors. You can make a difference by making changes to your current lifestyle. There is a high blood pressure natural remedy for you. Lifestyle changes that directly affect your hypertension include your diet, physical activity, and stress. In addition, other high blood pressure natural remedies involve diet… Continue reading High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

Average Blood Pressure Readings

The new guidelines stress monitoring your average blood pressure every morning, not just at the doctor s office. Monitoring your blood pressure over a week can confirm existing HTN diagnosis and thus prevent unnecessary treatments. It is also important to monitor it over a number of months. Monitoring your average blood pressure is especially important… Continue reading Average Blood Pressure Readings