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10 Foods to Reduce Blood Pressure

10 foods to reduce blood pressure

There are many different dietary factors that can affect your blood pressure. It is important to do some research to find out which foods will have the greatest effect on your overall health. Some of the things that will affect it the most include age, lifestyle, weight, sex, and diet. There are many other factors as well, such as exercise and medication.

A common question is, what are 10 foods to reduce blood pressure? While 10 foods are not specifically shown below, their follows a list of foods and food types with an explanation of how they relate to a condition of hypertension.

Red meats. Studies have shown that people who consume red meat are more likely to develop hypertension. The effects are similar to those of a big lunch (for those not counting eggs). The risk factors for this illness are similar to those of being overweight.

Fish. Studies have found that fish contains a chemical called DHA. This is essential to the human body and helps it function properly. Some types of fish are higher in DHA than others, so look for oily fish in your grocery store. They will be lower in cholesterol. Also, it will help to eat oily fish more often because they contain a lot more Omega-3.

Eggs. Eating egg yolks can lower your blood pressure. Of course, you need to choose healthy eggs. You can cook them or just eat them raw. Avoid processed egg yolks as they can be loaded with cholesterol and sodium. Eat the yolk rather than the white, and don’t eat too much of the egg white, either. Avoid saturated fats, trans fats, and sodium. Even if you enjoy scrambled eggs, you’ll want to eat an egg salad with less dressing.

Spinach. High blood pressure often occurs because of potassium reduction. Sporadic spikes in the amount of potassium in the blood can lead to hypertension. You can increase potassium by eating spinach. Spinach comes in many different colors, but the leafy green variety is probably your best choice. Spinach is full of nutrients and can be steamed, baked, or used in a salad. This low-fat food is also full of magnesium, which helps to lower the buildup of fat in your arteries. Eat the leafy greens in their sprouts, rather than the spinach that’s bottled, canned, or sliced. You can add a dash of olive oil or butter to prepare your salads or chop them up real good. Sprinkle some fennel or thyme onto your greens for a real zesty taste that will reduce hypertension.

Dairy. Many dairy products also reduce hypertension. The fat content varies depending on what you get, but some include cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat ice cream. If you aren’t lactose intolerant, you may want to try lactose-reduced cheeses.

Tomatoes. High blood pressure often happens because of a lack of essential nutrients. Tomatoes are full of vitamins A, C, E, and K, and are high in potassium. They also contain lycopene, which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Tomatoes are loaded with fiber, too. Eat them raw or use a tomato paste. Use fresh tomatoes if you really want to add flavor to your dishes.

Lean meat. One of the easiest ways to get high blood pressure under control is to start eating lean meats like skinless chicken and fish. If you have trouble digesting meat, buy a pate. Try whole-wheat bread instead of the white kind and avoid processed flour. Brown rice instead of pasta is a better choice, and so is adding a bit of extra virgin olive oil to your salad dressings. You’ll also want to cut back on the fatty, fried foods that are unhealthy and contribute to hypertension.

These are just a few suggestions. Of course, it’s important to note that your hypertension may not be eliminated right away. Changing your food intake will definitely help, but you must commit to making permanent lifestyle changes to reduce your blood pressure. Fortunately, most of these tips can also improve other areas of your health, too.

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