What Gives You High Blood Pressure?

What gives you high blood pressure? If you have elevated blood pressure, you should learn about the causes. One of the biggest reasons for high blood pressure can be a certain medication you are taking. This medication can increase your risk of developing high blood-pressure complications. If you’re overweight, you should avoid taking this medication.… Continue reading What Gives You High Blood Pressure?

What Is The Normal Blood Pressure?

You may have wondered, what is the normal blood pressure? The answer is a little complex, but should be simple enough to understand. Your blood pressure varies throughout the day. The systolic pressure is the highest during the heart’s beat-cycle, while the diastolic pressure is the lowest as it briefly rests between beats. Depending on… Continue reading What Is The Normal Blood Pressure?

What Lowers Blood Pressure?

Are you wondering what lowers blood pressure? There are many things you can do to improve your condition, from cutting back on alcohol and smoking to changing your diet. You may even be able to reduce your blood pressure by two to eight points with some of the foods and spices you eat. However, you… Continue reading What Lowers Blood Pressure?

Normal Blood Pressure By Age

Historically, there has been some debate about what constitutes “normal blood pressure” by age. In fact, there is no universal standard for blood pressure, but these guidelines are meant to be guidelines for everyone. According to the American Heart Association, the average systolic blood pressure for a healthy adult is 120/80 mm Hg, or 140/90… Continue reading Normal Blood Pressure By Age

Remedy For High Blood Pressure

The simplest home remedy for high blood pressure is taking a full bath. Whether you choose to add aromatherapy or not, relaxing baths are a proven natural cure for high blood pressure. Using warm water reduces the workload on the heart and peripheral arteries, lowering blood pressure. Use calming essential oils or bath salts to… Continue reading Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure By Age

High blood pressure is more common in males than in females before the age of 55, while women’s normal blood pressure rises after menopause. However, treatment for high blood pressure conditions is the same for both sexes. For example, males tend to have higher blood pressure after puberty, while females tend to have lower readings… Continue reading Blood Pressure By Age