Natural Thyroid Medication

natural thyroid medication

If you’re looking for natural thyroid medication, there are several options. Thyroid extract, also called desiccated thyroid, is one option. It’s less popular than levothyroxine, and is typically taken by mouth. However, it may take up to three weeks for its full effects to be felt.

Natural thyroid medication can help to boost the immune system and reduce depression. It can also lower blood pressure and stabilize cortisol levels. However, some people have concerns about the stability of natural thyroid medication formulations. It’s important to remember that both raw material and finished product of natural thyroid medications are tested to determine T3 and T4 activity.

Natural thyroid medication is free of common allergens. It also contains the active ingredient Thyroid USP. The other ingredients in natural thyroid pills are calcium stearate, dextrose, and mineral oil. These three ingredients help in the manufacturing process of the tablets. The calcium stearate prevents mold growth, while the dextrose counteracts the distinct taste of the natural thyroid. Finally, mineral oil has many applications and benefits and can be a great supplement for a natural thyroid medication.

When taking a natural thyroid medication, it’s important to follow the recommended dose and dosage instructions. However, this can vary from one brand to another. As long as your doctor knows your medical history, you’ll be able to get the right dose for your condition. Depending on how your symptoms have changed, you may need to increase or decrease your dose.

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