How To Heal A Hemorrhoid

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, the first step in reducing the discomfort is to change your diet. Eating high-fiber foods can help reduce strain and avoid constipation. If you cannot eat enough fiber in your diet, you can also try fiber supplements. These supplements contain psyllium or methylcellulose, which can help you reach your daily… Continue reading How To Heal A Hemorrhoid

Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Treatment for hemorrhoids is a common procedure for reducing swelling and easing pain. Most hemorrhoids can be treated with medication and surgery. Surgical procedures, such as hemorrhoidectomy, can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure involves cutting the excess tissue from the affected area with a thin needle. Once the needle is removed,… Continue reading Treatment For Hemorrhoids

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Home Hemorrhoid Treatment

Home hemorrhoid treatment can help reduce the discomfort and itching associated with this embarrassing health issue. Although hemorrhoids are not dangerous, it is recommended to see a doctor for treatment of the condition if the hemorrhoids are severe. You can also try natural remedies, including a low-fiber diet and a change in lifestyle. You may… Continue reading Home Hemorrhoid Treatment

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How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home

Hemorrhoids are painful and uncomfortable swellings in the anal canal. While the discomfort may seem uncontrollable, there are a number of ways to treat them at home. These include eating a high-fiber diet, staying hydrated, using sitz baths, and using ointments and suppositories. A warm sitz bath can relieve pain and reduce swelling. You can… Continue reading How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home

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Foods to Avoid For Hemorrhoids

You can reduce your hemorrhoids pain by eating foods that are high in fiber. But this is not a simple task. There are some foods that should be avoided and some that are beneficial to hemorrhoid sufferers. Here are some of them. A high fiber diet is always beneficial. Fruits and vegetables should form a… Continue reading Foods to Avoid For Hemorrhoids

How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Learning how to treat hemorrhoids naturally can be very beneficial. Hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and can cause physical pain and constant itching. If you are not able to relieve the pain with home remedies, you should consult a doctor. A physician can perform a hemorrhoid surgery or band the hemorrhoids to prevent further damage.… Continue reading How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatments

Bleeding hemorrhoids are a serious medical problem that can be painful and cause a low blood count. However, there are a variety of treatments available to eliminate the problem. These include banding, sclerotherapy and surgery. Fortunately, these methods do not require any anaesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Over-the-counter products for hemorrhoids… Continue reading Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatments

Best Treatment For Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are a common condition with a variety of treatment options. The best treatment depends on the nature of the hemorrhoid problem. Medications are available that contain various ingredients, such as aloe vera, witch hazel, and essential oils. These ingredients help to reduce swelling and irritability, while applying a cooling balm to the affected area… Continue reading Best Treatment For Hemorrhoid

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

There are many hemorrhoid treatment options on the market. Finding the best treatment option for your condition can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to look at the quality and efficiency of the product, but you also want to make sure that you don’t pay too much. Luckily, there are some things… Continue reading Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

External Hemorrhoid Treatment

External hemorrhoid treatment involves removal of the hemorrhoids using a small incision in the anus area. The incision may need stitches to close, but this is a relatively minor procedure and the recovery time can be as little as a couple of days. Most patients are able to go home the same day after this… Continue reading External Hemorrhoid Treatment