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Happy Birthday chords with lyrics and guitar chord diagrams in the key of F

Here are the chords for the Happy Birthday song in the key of F with the lyrics. This is actually quite difficult for the guitar player, because the notes needed don't fit well with the standard note-tunings of the open strings. It's easy enough to learn for playing on the piano, though, and it's a natural key to sing the melody in.

The guitar chords are shown in diagram form with finger placing. In practice, beginners might change the chord of C7 to the chord of C (major) to make it a little less difficult. If you are a more advanced guitarist and are able to play basic bar chords, these would be better for F (E-shape on the first fret) and B flat (A-shape on the first fret).

      F           C
Happy birthday to you,

      C7          F
Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear ___ ___,

      F        C7 F
Happy birthday to you.

And here are the guitar chords to play the song in the key of F major.

happy birthday guitar chords key F

These are for the key of F. There are also sheets with tabs in keys G and C.