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The Happy Birthday song with lyrics and guitar diagrams in the key of C

Here are the Happy Birthday song chords and lyrics in the key of C. This isn't the best pitch for most people to sing the melody in naturally, but it's the most common of the easy keys to play songs in on the piano if you're a pianist who's just started to learn the repertoire.

On the guitar the chords fit well, as the notes needed are generally included in the standard note-tunings. For practice in this key beginners can normally change to the chord of G instead of G7 to make finger placement slightly easier; though, if it's not too difficult for you, the chord of F will sound better if you play it as a bar chord (E-shape on fret 1).

      C           G
Happy birthday to you,

      G7          C
Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear ___ ___,

      C        G7 C
Happy birthday to you.

And here are the guitar chords for the key of C major.

happy birthday guitar chords key C

These are the chords for the key of C. There are also sheets with guitar chords in keys G and F.