End Gout With The Right Food

Which Foods Cause Gout?

which foods cause gout

To determine whether a certain food can cause gout, you need to know its purine content. Most meats are moderately high in purines, but organ meats are the worst culprits. Your doctor may recommend that you limit your meat intake to a maximum of four ounces of lean meat a day. He may also advise you to limit the amount of seafood that you eat.

Seafood and organ meats, like liver, kidneys, and sweetbreads, are high in purines. Although these meats can cause gout, they should only be eaten in small amounts. Eating moderate amounts of fish is also a good idea. The amount of phosphorus in fish is less than in meat, so it can be beneficial to include small portions of fish.

Lemon juice contains alkaline effects that neutralize the acid in the body. Its vitamin C content can reduce uric acid and relieve pain associated with gout. Also, celery seeds and bananas contain chemicals that reduce uric acid and reduce inflammation. Some people may also find that drinking water with lemon juice can help them reduce the severity of their gout attacks.

Alcohol is another common food that can contribute to gout symptoms. A study conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine found that the more alcohol a person drank, the more likely they are to suffer from gout attacks. While wine is a healthier choice, beer is the worst choice because it increases uric acid levels. If you do drink alcohol, you should limit your intake to one or two drinks a day.

End Gout With The Right Food

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