End Gout With The Right Food

Gout Treatment Diet

gout treatment diet

A gout treatment diet should include at least five portions of vegetables per day. To cut down on the amount of meat you eat, try bulking out meaty dishes with more vegetables. Fruits are also a great option. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, which has been shown to reduce levels of uric acid in the blood. One fruit that may be particularly useful for gout sufferers is cherries.

Celery contains over a dozen different types of antioxidants, including ferulic acid, quecetin, and phenolic acids. These compounds can be helpful in treating conditions that are made worse by inflammation, such as kidney and liver infections and skin disorders. Celery can be taken in supplement form or as a juice.

Another important part of a gout treatment diet is limiting the amount of organ meats. Many organ meats contain high levels of purines, and they should be consumed in moderation. Red meats should also be limited in serving size. Seafood can also be beneficial for gout sufferers.

Another important component of a gout treatment diet is cutting back on sugar. Sugar is converted to uric acid in the bloodstream when it is consumed, so it should be kept to a minimum. Sugary beverages, like diet soda, can also contribute to increased uric acid levels. In fact, one study found that men who consumed two or three sweet drinks per week were three times more likely to develop gout than those who avoided them completely.

End Gout With The Right Food

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