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Supplements For Liver Health

Have you heard of fatty liver disease? Although milk thistle (silica, silymarin and phytoestrogens) has long been recommended as a liver health supplement, only recent studies have shown it to be more beneficial than ever before. The level of scientific research conducted on phytoestrogens, the plant substance that mimics estrogen, is stunning. And since estrogen is known to stimulate the production of fat, adding a fatty liver supplement to your daily intake of dietary fiber should do wonders for you.

supplements for liver health

However, even with these supplements for liver health, doctors recommend that you only take them under certain conditions. For starters, people diagnosed with liver cancer are not advised to take these supplements. Also, people who are undergoing hormone therapy, even when they are taking liver supplements, are advised against taking these pills. They should only be taken by those who have a clear diagnosis from a doctor.

In addition, studies have shown that most herbal supplements are not effective. Only a few of them can actually boost the functioning of liver cells and increase their production of essential proteins, making them more functional. Among the most common supplements for liver health are algae-based products such as flax seed oil, algae pasteurization products like kelp extract, and liver brine. However, recent studies have shown that algae and fish extracts are highly ineffective in increasing the levels of micro-organisms, hormones and enzymes needed by liver cells. As a result, these products cannot boost the production of healthy proteins like collagen.

Other supplements for liver health supplement manufacturers include sugar alcohols, some artificial ingredients, and dioxane. Sugar alcohols have been found out to cause changes in blood sugar levels, which is very dangerous because it can cause diabetes. On the other hand, artificial ingredients and dioxins are considered probable human carcinogens. Dioxane is present in many chemicals used in the cosmetic industry, and its long-term exposure to sunlight can also cause severe skin damages.

The best supplement for liver health that has recently garnered much attention is the one based on milk thistle. Compared to other liver detox supplements, this organic substance has the ability to remove fats and toxins from the liver without loading it with more chemicals and heavy metals. This is why many doctors highly recommend milk thistle for those suffering from fatty liver and cirrhosis.

Liver detoxification can also be beneficial in fighting fatty liver disease. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that a buildup of toxins inside liver cells may eventually lead to serious ailments including cancer. Unfortunately, researchers have not yet established how or why this occurs. Milk thistle does contain lutein, a substance that may help prevent cancer formation. However, further studies need to be conducted before we can claim that milk thistle’s benefits for overall health are truly effective.

There are many supplements for liver health that contain many of the same ingredients as milk thistle. One example is green tea. However, green tea does not only serve as an antioxidant and laxative for the liver; it also contains many nutrients that can improve overall health. The main ingredients found in most green tea supplements are caffeine, L-carnitine, and vitamin E.

In addition to these two ingredients, there are many nutrients that can also improve liver health. These include Vitamin C, glutathione, copper, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and manganese. Some of the most popular liver detoxification ingredients include dandelion root, bilberry, hawthorn, ginger, white willow bark, and slippery elm. You can find supplements for liver health in most health food stores. However, it is best to purchase them online, where you can find the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

Heal Your Fatty Liver

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