Reverse Your Fatty Liver

Liver Disease Symptoms

A liver disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for the liver to remove excess waste from the body. When too much fat accumulates in the liver it can cause fatty liver disease. This condition usually impairs the liver’s capacity to work properly. This, in turn, can often make people feel unusually ill. Fatty… Continue reading Liver Disease Symptoms

Liver Problems

Liver disease is a common medical problem that causes malfunctions in the liver. One of the most common types of liver problems is a fatty liver. Other causes of liver disease are hepatitis B and C infections and autoimmune disorders. A fatty liver results from accumulation of fat in the liver cells. There are many… Continue reading Liver Problems

Liver Disease

Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease Fatty liver disease simply means that you’ve got more fat in your liver than there needs to be. This fat blocks your liver’s ability to do a good job of getting rid of toxins from your bloodstream. People who regularly drink alcohol can have excessive fat in their liver; others… Continue reading Liver Disease