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liver cleanse

The liver cleanse or bile cleansing is an alternative medical practice in which fasting, followed by consumption of a combination of citrus pectin, olive oil, Epsom salts and grapefruit juice (sometimes substituted by other, less well-known ingredients). The theory of purging the liver is associated with eastern and Islamic traditions, the belief that liver flushes cleanse the body of toxins. The practice has also gained popularity in the west in recent years as an alternative treatment for diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heartburn, depression, acne, fatigue, obesity and more. While the theory behind this cleansing and flushing go back centuries, little scientific research has been carried out to support it.

There are many ways to do a liver cleanse or liver detoxification depending on your goals. When fasting the most important factor is finding a method that you find comfortable. Flushing your system will take longer if you are uncomfortable, so make sure that whatever method you use that you can tolerate. Below are some methods commonly used for flushing.

Drastic changes to a person’s diet and lifestyle have been done in many parts of the world in an attempt to cleanse the liver. The “Acai Berry Diet” promoted on the internet is one of these cases. This diet claims that it will flush your system because of the high fiber contents found in the berries. While there is some truth to the claim, there are some things that you need to consider before jumping into a whole grain diet such as this. In some cases the fiber comes from whole grains, not the fruit itself, and the berries are not from the acai berry, but from purple grapes.

Herbal detoxification and cleanses are becoming very popular. They are meant to give a healthy boost to your body by flushing toxins from the liver. There are several ways to perform these cleanses. You could try herbs that are designed specifically for this purpose, you could take a supplement, or you could integrate certain herbs into your daily diet. As always, consult with a doctor before incorporating any herbal cleanses into your health program.

Herbal and detox products are commercially produced and, like the traditional herbal detox mentioned above, actually work in a more natural way than pharmaceutical products do. For a liver cleanse or for any detox, herbs serve as the primary substance that works to get rid of those toxins and other harmful substances from your system. They also help by providing your body with additional nutrients that it needs in order to rid itself of these toxins. Detoxification products contain such ingredients as Vitamin C and certain amino acids, which are known to serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants serve as protective chemicals, which neutralize harmful free radicals within the body that can cause damage to cellular DNA and cell membranes.

Fasting diets involve eating only certain foods for a period of time. Usually the purpose of a fast is to increase the body’s metabolism so that it is better able to rid itself of toxins and leave you feeling healthier. The first few days of a fast can be quite difficult, but after this period of time the body usually becomes more accustomed to the new diet. A liver cleanse fasting diet should always be done under supervision of a doctor or a physician.

An alcohol detox involves abstaining from drinking alcohol entirely. The rationale behind this type of liver cleanse and detox is that many of the substances that are often consumed in alcoholic beverages are processed foods, which contain toxins that are not always visible or identified by the human system. Many people who suffer from alcohol addictions are unaware that their addiction is not physical, but mental.

In addition to the above-mentioned kinds of liver cleanses and detoxifications, there is also acid liver detox, as well as a number of others. The choice of the one that would be suitable for you depends greatly on the kind of liver disease you suffer from. If you have only mild liver disease, you may consider doing a herbal liver detox.

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