Is Ricotta Cheese Good For Fatty Liver?

is ricotta cheese good for fatty liver

Some people wonder if ricotta cheese is good for fatty liver. While there are a few health benefits of ricotta cheese, the saturated fat content is still too high. A one-cup serving has 428 calories and 32 grams of fat, 20 of which are saturated fat. These fats raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. Part-skim ricotta, however, contains only 160 calories and is much lower in fat than whole-milk ricotta.

In addition to limiting saturated fats, eating a diet that is rich in fiber is beneficial for the liver. Consuming three to five portions of fruits and vegetables each day helps the liver break down fats. And while it is important to limit fat intake, it is worth mentioning that white cheese helps the body get rid of excess fat. In fact, it can be beneficial for people suffering from fatty liver.

Ricotta cheese is a healthy choice for those suffering from fatty liver because it boosts calcium intake. One serving of this cheese has about 51 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake, though part-skim ricotta has slightly more than fat-free ricotta. Ricotta cheese contains more vitamins and minerals than other types of cheese, including iron and zinc. And it contains less fat than most other types of cheeses.

Even fat-free ricotta contains just 600 mg of sodium per serving. The recommended daily sodium intake is 1,500 mg. So ricotta cheese is still a good choice if you are concerned about your cholesterol level. Just make sure you check with your doctor first before consuming too much. Eating too much ricotta cheese can in some cases actually contribute to higher cholesterol levels.

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