Reverse Your Fatty Liver

Signs Of Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease is an inflammatory condition of the liver that can cause serious inflammation, scarring, and liver failure. The symptoms of fatty liver disease are often non-existent in its early stages, but can include fatigue, blurred vision, and abdominal pain. It can also cause irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. While obesity is a risk factor,… Continue reading Signs Of Fatty Liver

Brown Rice Fatty Liver

Studies have shown that brown rice can decrease fatty liver. This rice is rich in soluble fiber, a key component of a healthy diet. It also contains more antioxidants than white rice, which could help protect against fatty liver disease. In one study, researchers used mice with non-alcoholic fatty liver to study the effects of… Continue reading Brown Rice Fatty Liver

Eggs And Fatty Liver

In a recent study, researchers looked at the association between eggs and fatty liver disease (NAFLD). They found that people who eat two to three eggs a week were at a reduced risk of developing the disease. This association persisted after adjusting for other factors. However, it did not reach statistical significance. Therefore, more studies… Continue reading Eggs And Fatty Liver