Reverse Your Fatty Liver

NAFLD Symptoms

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition that affects both humans and animals. The disease develops due to accumulation of fat within the liver cells. This accumulation results in the blocking of liver enzymes, which prevents production of important molecules, such as acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for smooth muscle contraction and muscular relaxation, and… Continue reading NAFLD Symptoms

Liver-Cleansing Recipes

A number of liver-cleansing recipes are available on the internet. Many of these recipes are derived from the Chinese system of Ayurveda which emphasizes the need to purge the liver as part of a total body cleanse. This detoxification process is undertaken to remove toxins that can accumulate in the liver, causing an over accumulation… Continue reading Liver-Cleansing Recipes

Foods Good For Fatty Liver

If you are like most people, chances are that you know very little about the topic of foods good for fatty liver. This is unfortunate because the health effects of this ailment can be seriously damaging. In fact, fatty liver is one of the most serious forms of liver disease, and a lot of people… Continue reading Foods Good For Fatty Liver

Foods That Heal Liver Damage

Eating foods that heal liver damage is a critical part of managing fatty liver disease. When fatty liver disease progresses to cirrhosis, or when it has progressed to cancer, the liver is no longer able to filter out toxins in the body efficiently. As a result, these toxins can become lodged in the fatty tissues… Continue reading Foods That Heal Liver Damage

Hepatic Steatosis Symptoms

Hepatic steatosis is a condition in which fatty liver is caused by too much accumulation of fat in liver cells. Normally, the liver produces just enough of the fatty substances called triglycerides (fatty acids). However, with this condition, the liver produces more fatty substances and transports it into the bloodstream. A build-up of cholesterol, fatty… Continue reading Hepatic Steatosis Symptoms