Reverse Your Fatty Liver

What Does the Liver Do?

What does the liver do? The answer depends on who you ask. Most people know the answer, but not everyone knows what the liver actually does. First off, it’s a very important part of the human digestive system. It’s the organ that filters out the waste that comes out of your body. That includes medicines,… Continue reading What Does the Liver Do?

Effects of Fatty Liver

Effects of fatty liver are often thought to be reversible, however this is simply not the case. Fatty liver is the accumulation of fat in a liver cell and results in cellular changes that prevent the cell from functioning properly. Fatty liver is more common in people who are obese and experience no other associated… Continue reading Effects of Fatty Liver

How to Fix A Fatty Liver

Learning how to fix a fatty liver is something that every affected person needs to know about. This part of the liver is the chief detoxifying organ for the body. The liver is also responsible for removing toxins from your blood and tissue, which is why you will find that your overall health can improve… Continue reading How to Fix A Fatty Liver

Fat Around Liver

Fat around liver is a very common problem. This can occur due to many reasons but one of the most common causes is consuming alcohol excessively. Alcohol depletes the liver of its required substances and thus makes it weaker over time. The liver is then unable to eliminate toxins effectively, resulting in accumulation of toxins… Continue reading Fat Around Liver

Fatty Liver Pain

Fatty liver is one of the most serious conditions that can develop in humans. Fatty liver means that there are too much fat and cholesterol in the bloodstream. The liver produces an excess amount of lipids and these are deposited on various parts of the human body such as in the abdominal cavity, the skin,… Continue reading Fatty Liver Pain

Side Effects of Fatty Liver

Fatty liver as a phenomenon is becoming a matter of great concern, since it will likely shorten the sufferer’s life if not treated properly. If fatty liver does not get treated timely enough it could lead to congestive heart failure or liver cancer. Fatty liver is induced by excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and cirrhosis… Continue reading Side Effects of Fatty Liver

Liver Issues

It is common for patients to fear liver issues when they are tested for conditions that have nothing to do with the liver at all. The fear of a liver problem can actually increase problems, even if there is no problem there. For example, a person who is fearful of having a liver disease tested… Continue reading Liver Issues

Fatty Liver Diet Menu Plan

If you are overweight or suffering from fatty liver disease, you probably already know that a fatty liver diet menu plan can help you get your health back on track. There are a lot of foods that should be avoided if you have fatty liver disease. This includes some dairy products and some meats such… Continue reading Fatty Liver Diet Menu Plan