How To Become A Freight Broker

Freight Broker Training School

freight broker training school

Becoming a freight broker requires extensive preparation and knowledge. Those serious about becoming one must be willing to commit to an intensive training course, which is an essential step in developing the necessary skillset and confidence for success in this industry.

When selecting a training school, consider your individual needs as it will dictate how you learn and what career options open to you after graduating. It is also wise to factor in your budget and determine which courses offer the greatest value for your money.

Load training provides freight broker training that blends hands-on experience with classroom study. Their course covers the fundamentals of shipping and trucking, from licensing to operations to sales and marketing. Their curriculum draws from instructors with years of industry expertise who draw upon their real-life experiences.

In addition to classroom-based classes, students have access to an online study portal and transport management system. Furthermore, they may attend group or personalized coaching sessions for enhanced training effectiveness.

For aspiring freight brokers seeking an intensive training program, ABA’s Intensive Freight Broker Course is a great option. This program emphasizes real-world trucking jobs and gives students the chance to practice their daily tasks and work with actual clients.

TTI offers a 5-day course that can be completed either online or offline and is ideal for newcomers. Furthermore, the company provides placement opportunities with licensed freight brokerages after graduation.

How To Become A Freight Broker

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