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Part-time dieting: can it work?

One of the most popular lose-weight diets available online, The Every Other Day Diet eating plan promotes a calorie-cycling regimen in which - as the name suggests - the main dietary restraint is followed only on alternate days. However, the "normal" days, while certainly allowing the dieter's preferences to be indulged to an extent - even if those preferences are mainly junk food - still have real limitations as to the total food intake recommended.

Weight-conscious users typically find it easier to maintain the motivation to stick to the tightly-controlled days because of the more relaxed conditions available in between. The calorie cycling helps to promote a full-speed metabolism, in contrast to the slowdown experienced by those who follow a simple calorie-reduced diet. The plan describes three levels of commitment, allowing users to break themselves in gently or go all-out for body fat loss as they wish.


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Despite all this, some people report that extra resolve, particularly for those with demanding jobs, may be in order on the diet days because the food intake allowed on those is so small (300-400 calories - not much more than a fast!). It has also been suggested that the low calorie intake on these days is the main reason for the weight loss experienced by users and that the fat-burning promoted by the "normal" days is not hugely significant.

However, as with many of these weight-loss diet schemes, there is no denying that the plan does seem to work: it is merely an alternative approach which ultimately leads to the same benefits to the body as offered by certain other online packages, and in that respect is far preferable to the low-fat/low-calorie myth promulgated by the mainstream diet industry. The Every Other Day Diet program has received endorsements from a number of qualified individuals.

The user may review the options and decide whether the eating approach offered by The Every Other Day Diet fits best with his or her lifestyle.


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