Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

erectile dysfunction treatments

The first step to treating erectile dysfunction is determining the cause. A healthcare provider will perform a physical exam and ask you about your symptoms and health history, including any hormonal imbalances. They may also perform tests to determine the exact cause of ED. These tests may include an ultrasound of the penis, which creates a video image of blood flow in the penis. If this test shows that blood flow is not adequate, medications may be prescribed to improve the situation.

Another option is injection therapy. Injection therapy involves putting a substance, such as alprostadil or papavarine, into the penis to increase blood flow. Usually, the first dose of injection therapy is given under the supervision of a health care provider. Although many men are uncomfortable with injection therapy, it is an effective option for erectile dysfunction, especially when other forms of therapy have failed. Other treatment options include an external penile support device called an elator.

While the above treatments can help to improve sexual performance, you should also seek out counseling. Erectile dysfunction is often a psychological issue that can affect relationships and cause a man to feel insecure. If you or a partner is experiencing frequent problems, consult with a medical provider immediately. He or she will be able to make the proper referral for an erectile dysfunction treatment.

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