Training A Puppy

training a puppy

Training a puppy is an important part of caring for your new puppy. The first thing you need to do is to get a good chew toy for your pup. A heavy duty treat-stuffed toy like the KONG Puppy is a good option. Plush toys or other toys with holes are not suitable. You can use the “ouch” technique to deter your puppy from using excessive force when chewing.

Another way to reinforce your puppy’s obedience is to use a soft voice to call him or her. When you call a puppy, use a soft but firm voice. This will let your puppy know that you are serious and don’t want him or her to do something wrong. You should also be firm but fair when enforcing boundaries with your puppy. Remember not to yell, smack, or threaten your puppy, and never leave your puppy unsupervised with small children.

When you are training your puppy to come to you, use a clicker or a trigger word. Start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration of each session. Once your puppy is old enough, you can move on to longer training sessions. However, in the meantime, you should practice the “come” command frequently. This will prevent your puppy from getting lost or hurt.

Another method for training a puppy to sit is to reward the behavior with a treat. This is a great way to train a puppy without putting too much stress on it. This method can be used anywhere, including the yard. With the right approach, any moment can be turned into a training session.

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