Basic Dog Training Tips

It’s essential to use the correct training techniques and commands for a dog. A good way to start is to put your dog in the sit position and use a non-retractable leash. Pull gently on the leash while saying “come”. Make sure you use a happy voice while calling your dog, and always reward your… Continue reading Basic Dog Training Tips

Best Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, you’ve got lots of choices. Some books are written by dog trainers with a lot of experience. These books all have a variety of helpful tips for dog owners. Whether you want to train your dog for fun or for practical reasons, these resources can help you make the… Continue reading Best Dog Training

Aggressive Dog Training Tips

To successfully train an aggressive dog, you must establish your position of authority in the dog’s mind. This may not be easy, but you must make sure that you’re consistent and patient. You can use the techniques of counterconditioning and desensitization. It will help if you have the guidance of a professional trainer. The first… Continue reading Aggressive Dog Training Tips

Puppy Training Tips

One of the most important puppy training tips is to use a treat. Treats help to create a positive association between you and your dog. You can use these treats to reinforce a behavior, such as lying down. You can place a treat next to your puppy’s nose and wait until it lays down. When… Continue reading Puppy Training Tips