Off-Leash Dog Training

off leash dog training

The first step in off-leash dog training is to start with some basic commands. Your dog should know how to come when called, sit, and go down. An emergency down command should also be taught. When a dog is near the owner, it should lie down as soon as you give the command. Then, it should stay in that position until you release it.

Another important element of off-leash dog training is to teach the dog not to react aggressively to people or other animals. The dog should not be overly aggressive toward people, other animals, or even to its owner. It should also not have excessive prey drive, nor should it be extremely noise sensitive. Some dogs simply love to wander.

While your dog may be well-trained, it may have a natural instinct that makes it unsafe to be free. Its owners should consider this when planning an off-leash training plan. For example, some breeds are genetically predisposed to chase birds or small prey, so you should avoid letting them off the leash while they’re out for walks.

Another important aspect of off-leash dog training is to avoid yelling or correcting your dog for its off-leash behavior. Instead, work on developing other training skills, including reliable recall and loose-leash walking. Once you have these skills, you can begin working on distance exercises and using a long line. As you progress, be patient and add distractions.

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