Basic Dog Training Tips

basic dog training tips

It’s essential to use the correct training techniques and commands for a dog. A good way to start is to put your dog in the sit position and use a non-retractable leash. Pull gently on the leash while saying “come”. Make sure you use a happy voice while calling your dog, and always reward your dog when it comes on command.

Then, use a treat as a reward. A treat is a natural reward, so presenting a treat will encourage your dog to sit. Never use force to train your dog – doing so can be counterproductive. Using the clicker to teach a command is another effective way.

The same goes for the language you use to train your dog. If your dog barks and jumps when you enter the room, it is best to ignore him. This will ensure that he doesn’t repeat the behavior the next time. If your dog does not respond positively to the word “come”, you can use a different word to train him. For example, if your dog doesn’t respond to “here”, you can train him to respond to “here”. Be consistent with the training language and you’ll ensure that your dog understands the difference.

If you’re training a puppy or an older dog, you’ll need to use rewards for desired behaviors. Instead of praising every action your dog makes, try rewarding the dog only when it performs the desired behavior. This way, you’ll be able to reinforce your expectations for your dog while simultaneously teaching him that the opposite behavior isn’t acceptable.

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