Type II Diabetes Treatment

type ii diabetes treatment

Type II diabetes treatment is a multifaceted approach that involves a healthy diet and increased exercise. Obesity is the most common cause of this condition, so it is crucial to focus on reducing your weight. In addition, doctors may prescribe oral medications to increase or decrease the level of insulin in your blood. In some cases, insulin injections may also be required.

Many types of diabetes can be managed with diet and exercise. By controlling the amount of sugar in your diet, you can avoid the risks associated with developing type II diabetes. One way to do this is by choosing foods high in fiber and low in sugar. Whole grains and lean proteins are great choices, and you can choose plant-based protein sources like tofu.

Another effective type II diabetes treatment is a procedure called Revita. This procedure is ideal for type II diabetics who have not seen significant results with oral medications and whose condition has deteriorated. This procedure takes about an hour and can be performed at home. The procedure has undergone several global clinical trials and has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce liver fat and increase HDL cholesterol.

The goal of diabetes treatment is to control the blood sugar level so that it does not damage the body’s organs. Without adequate blood sugar regulation, the condition can lead to more severe organ problems, including amputation. The condition also causes vascular damage, which takes years to heal.

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