Diabetes Symptoms

diabetes symptoms

Diagnosing diabetes at an early stage can be vital to preventing serious complications. People with diabetes should see a healthcare professional to perform a blood test. A test can rule out other illnesses, including heart disease, and can reduce your chances of other serious health problems. But it is important to remember that diabetes symptoms are not always obvious. It is best to get tested for diabetes by your GP as soon as you notice them.

Blood glucose levels should be tested at least every three months. If your blood sugar levels are not controlled, you may need to undergo more frequent tests. For example, if you are taking insulin, your doctor may want to monitor your blood glucose throughout the day. A blood glucose monitor pricks your finger and takes the test strip. It then displays the result.

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body is unable to produce enough insulin to make healthy sugars. Without enough insulin, cells cannot use the glucose for energy. Symptoms of diabetes include an increased need for insulin, increased hunger, and tiredness. In addition, a high blood glucose level may lead to the development of a number of complications. It’s vital to treat diabetes early, before complications can develop. Diabetes is a chronic illness that can affect people at any age.

Treatment for diabetes is based on your blood glucose level and the type of diabetes. Some people with diabetes experience symptoms in both high and low blood glucose levels. Low blood glucose levels can result in a loss of consciousness, confusion, and fatigue. The body may also become weak and unable to function normally. Fortunately, diabetes is treatable.

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