Diabetes 2 Treatment

diabetes 2 treatment

Type 2 diabetes can be extremely difficult to control, but there are several treatment options available to help patients stay on target. These treatments focus on keeping glucose levels in a range that is appropriate for a healthy individual. Managing the disease through diet and exercise is also crucial to successful treatment. Some patients may also need to use insulin or other diabetes medications to manage the disease.

Other diabetes treatments include blood pressure medications, cholesterol-lowering medications, and low-dose aspirin. Insulin therapy is often prescribed earlier than other types of diabetes treatments. During the initial stages of diabetes, this treatment may be the only option available. However, if these treatments are ineffective, it may be necessary to try another treatment option, such as other lifestyle changes.

Your healthcare provider will help you determine how to monitor your blood sugar levels. They may suggest that you check your levels prior to exercise or several times a day. During this testing, you’ll use a small at-home blood glucose meter, which measures the amount of sugar in one drop of blood. It’s important to keep track of your measurements, since they will be used to determine how much insulin your body needs.

Another option for treating diabetes is to use stem cells. These cells can be obtained from donors or from patients’ bodies. Using stem cells can help preserve beta-cell function, reduce insulin dosage, and improve the quality of life in people with diabetes.

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