Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Lower-Cholesterol Foods

lower cholesterol foods

Eating a variety of lower-cholesterol foods is an excellent way to lower your total cholesterol level. These foods contain high amounts of soluble fibre, which can help to lower your cholesterol levels significantly. One good example of soluble fiber is oat bran, which can reduce cholesterol levels by 10% to 15% when consumed daily. Other excellent sources of soluble fiber include prunes, citrus fruits, and apples. Psyllium, an ancient grain from India, is another good choice. Alternatively, you can take a supplement like Metamucil, which can help lower your total cholesterol by 15% or more in four months.

Another great way to reduce your total cholesterol level is to limit your daily intake of saturated fat, which has been linked to heart disease. The recommended daily amount of saturated fat is no more than 20g, so try to stick to this limit. You can also try choosing leaner cuts of meat and trimming off any excess fat. Also, try to incorporate more seasonal vegetables, wholegrain rice, and pasta into your daily diet. And don’t forget to eat plenty of fruit and nuts.

Soy is another great option for lower cholesterol foods. Soy can lower LDL cholesterol by 12% when consumed daily. Studies have shown that soy may have other health benefits as well. You can find soy protein in foods such as beans and tofu. Plant stenols can also help lower your LDL cholesterol by 14 percent.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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