Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Foods To Lower Your Cholesterol

foods to lower your cholesterol

One of the best foods to lower your cholesterol is fruit. Fruits are a great source of soluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol. Apples, in particular, are a good choice. A study found that people who ate 550 grams of fruit a day had lower cholesterol levels than those who did not. However, you have to be careful when selecting fruits for your diet.

Eating 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber daily will help lower LDL and total cholesterol. A small serving of cooked oatmeal will provide about 6 grams of fiber, and you can add fruit to increase the fiber content by another four grams. Another option is cold cereal made with oat bran. This type of cereal is high in soluble fiber, and it contains less sodium and cholesterol than other breakfast cereals.

Another great food to lower your cholesterol is nuts. This high-fiber snack is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It will reduce your LDL cholesterol and lower your triglycerides. Plus, the soluble fiber found in nuts may reduce your risk of heart disease. Plus, nuts are a great way to get an energy boost. Try to stick to one ounce per day and choose ones with no added salt. Adding nuts to your smoothies is also a great way to get these nutrients into your daily diet.

Strawberries are another great fruit to lower your cholesterol. A study published in 2014 linked strawberry consumption to lower cholesterol levels. Strawberries contain a substance called polyphenols that help keep LDL cholesterol from clogging your arteries. Strawberries are also great for adding to many dishes.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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