Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Diet For High Cholesterol

diet for high cholesterol

To help your body reduce your cholesterol levels, you can change your diet. A suitable diet is largely based on foods that are low in saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats are found in meat, cheese, cake, and butter. It is not necessary to avoid them entirely, however, as they help your body process food.

The American Heart Association recommends that you limit saturated fat to less than six per cent of your daily calorie intake. You should also cut down on trans fats, which are found in margarine and coffee creamer, for instance. These fats are highly likely to increase your cholesterol levels, which can lead to weight gain.

In addition to limiting saturated fat, you should also eat more lean meat. Choose skinless chicken breasts and other lean cuts of meat. They contain 92% fewer calories than their full-fat counterparts. These foods are also a great source of fiber.

The best diet for high cholesterol is a balanced one. You should include protein, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. You should limit sugar and saturated fat. You should also limit trans fats, because these are also inflammatory. If you follow a high-cholesterol diet, you may not even feel hungry or crave those foods.

If you are trying to reduce your cholesterol levels, you should start a food diary and watch what you eat. Write down what you eat and the amount of sugar and fat you consume. Your diary can give you an idea of which foods are the highest in saturated fat and sugar. In addition, you should also incorporate physical activity, which is another great way to lower your cholesterol.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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