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Calories Burned Calculator

Improve your lifestyle - become more active and lose weight! Try our calculator below, which charts how many calories are burned during various forms of healthy exercise. For example, if you wish to calculate in general how many calories you burn running then select "running" from the calculator's drop-down list, enter your weight and the time you might run for and press the Calculate button. Then read the paragraphs further down which explain how to interpret the results shown.

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The calculation explained

When you've decided to further improve your body's health and fitness and supplement your weight-loss diet with calorie-burning exercises such as daily walking or swimming, it's useful to have some idea how many calories that willl actually be burned while you're undertaking the various types of exercise. The calculator above is intended to help with this.

The results cannot be exact, though, because there are many considerations when engaging in such activities. One's body weight, for example, has a significant effect on the figure, in that the heavier you are, the more calories will be burned in general by carrying out any given physical activity, and the calculator takes account of this.

A range of activities and a range of levels

Things are even less clear-cut with certain activities. For example, unlike standing, say, an exercise such as running may be attempted gently, where it is only a little more strenuous than a moderate jog or fast walk; or it can be a sprint, going as fast as possible as you might do in a race. The latter is much more demanding than the former, and the activity may be approached at any point in between these two levels, leading to a wide range of figures for calories burned.

Where there is a wide range of levels of effort for the exercise, then, the calculator will give a general figure as well as low and high figures, which should help you to find a figure which most accurately reflects the level at which you undertake the activity. From the information you're given, it should be possible to arrive at a reasonable estimate of how many extra calories your body could burn per day (or in one mile, say, if you know how long it takes).

Be careful, be healthy

As with all online calculators or tools of this type, the information given should be seen as a general estimate only. For more reliable results and guidance on undertaking any prolonged strenuous activity or exercise, you should consult a medical health professional. Happy calorie-burning!