Recondition Car Battery

recondition car battery

If your car’s battery is not holding a charge, you can recondition it yourself at home. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and you don’t need any high-tech machinery. You just need to follow some guidelines and a little knowledge. If you’re experiencing issues with your battery, reconditioning it is a great option.

Before beginning the process, make sure you wear protective clothing. The battery’s sulfuric acid can burn or irritate your skin. It’s best to wear goggles and safety gloves to avoid any harm. You should also be careful not to touch the battery if it has any cracks or other damage. It’s also best to work outdoors. Otherwise, your battery may explode and cause damage to your hands and skin.

Next, you should test the battery’s functionality. If the battery is not capable of carrying the load it was designed to, look for signs of corrosion. Because batteries contain chemicals, it’s inevitable that they will corrode. However, you can clean up the corrosion with a scrubbing tool made of Sodium Bicarbonate. Another red flag is if the voltage of the battery is low.

If you notice these warning signs, it’s likely that your battery needs reconditioning. A new battery can cost a lot, so reconditioning your battery can save you a ton of money.

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