Stretches For Lower Back Pain

stretches for lower back pain

There are several stretches for lower back pain you can do to ease things. Kneeling exercises can help you relax and stretch your lower back muscles. The basic kneeling stretch involves bending the knees slightly to form a 90-degree angle and keeping your bottom parallel to the floor. If you can’t reach your heels, slowly lean backwards. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and release. Repeat this exercise eight to ten times.

The figure-four stretch is also great for lower back pain. To do it, lie on your back and bend your knees. Stretch your hips and glutes while you draw your legs close to your chest. Your hamstrings and inner thighs will feel more relaxed after this exercise.

Another stretch for lower back pain focuses on the quadriceps, which are muscles located on the sides of the lower back. These muscles are responsible for reducing the pressure on your lower back. This stretch is simple and effective. The best way to do it is to lie on your back. You can also try lying on your stomach, straightening both legs, and holding this stretch for about thirty seconds.

There are a variety of stretches for lower back pain, but you should check with your healthcare provider before beginning an exercise program. Some stretches for lower back pain include the cat-cow stretch, which helps increase flexibility in the spine while stretching surrounding muscles. Always stay within your pain tolerance. If you feel a sharp pain or your symptoms are getting worse, stop.

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