Relief For Lower Back Pain

relief for lower back pain

Many people suffer from lower back pain, but there are also many methods to find relief. There are physical therapy exercises that can be done at home and massage therapy, which can help reduce the pain and stiffness. Practising yoga or doing at-home stretches can also provide pain relief. You should be sure to talk to your doctor or physical therapist before starting any exercises, though.

Other methods include using ice or heat to reduce pain. You can also apply ultrasound or electronic stimulation. A combination of these treatments should give you relief in a few weeks. Your physician can also prescribe stronger medication, such as corticosteroids. These are injected directly into the affected area to relieve pain. If your pain persists, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair the underlying problem.

Other causes of lower back pain include injuries to the spinal cord or muscles, or a ruptured or bulging disc. Damaged discs can press on the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain down the leg. Trauma can also injure back muscles. To prevent lower back pain, try to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. Also, avoid lifting heavy objects with your legs, and make sure you sit in a supportive desk chair.

While most cases of back pain resolve on their own within a few weeks, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. In some cases, back pain will last for several months or longer. Chronic back pain is defined as back pain that persists for more than three months and has not responded to standard medical treatment.

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