Finger Arthritis Treatment

finger arthritis treatment

If you’re suffering from finger arthritis, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. This disease can be incredibly painful and cause stiffness and swelling that can limit the way you live. The good news is that there are many different treatments available for this condition. Some options include medications, home remedies, and exercises. In the beginning, however, you should first consult your doctor and get a full checkup to diagnose the condition. The doctor will then be able to determine the best course of treatment based on your health and the severity of the condition.

The most common symptom of this condition is stiffness. This occurs when excess synovial fluid builds up inside the joint. Joints may also become enlarged and deformed. In addition, nodes may grow on the finger joints. These nodes are called Heberden’s nodes, which occur on the tips of the fingers, while Bouchard’s nodes grow on the middle finger. Another common symptom is a warm joint, which is a result of the body’s inflammatory response.

Joint replacement is one treatment option for this condition. A surgeon will remove the affected joint and replace it with an artificial joint. This procedure is also known as joint arthroplasty. The implant is made of silicone, ceramic, or metal. Some people may prefer this option, because it preserves some movement and avoids the pain associated with bone-on-bone friction. Joint replacement surgery usually results in little to no pain, and the patient will likely be able to return to normal activity in a few days.

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