Arthritis Care

arthritis care

People suffering from arthritis should learn about arthritis care and take the right steps to manage it. In addition to visiting their doctor for an accurate diagnosis, they should limit their intake of processed and refined foods to reduce inflammation. They should also get regular exercise to improve joint health and reduce pain. These strategies will help them prevent the development of disability. The patient can also take an active role in managing the disease by making sure that they keep their scheduled doctor’s appointments and follow the treatment plan recommended by their doctor.

Inflammation is a normal part of the healing process, and occurs as a response to injuries and viruses. But in people with arthritis, inflammation is damaging to joints, which leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness. Inflammation also damages the bone underneath the affected joint. Symptoms of arthritis may be prolonged or severe, and they may even cause deformity.

In addition to reducing pain, regular physical activity can help improve function, sleep, and quality of life. Regular exercise also contributes to brain health, weight control, and lowers the risk of other chronic diseases. Regular exercise can also help you manage arthritis symptoms. A physiotherapist will be able to provide the right exercises for your specific needs and goals.

Treatment for arthritis varies according to the severity of the condition, symptoms, and age. A personalized treatment plan aims to ease pain and slow the progression of joint and organ damage. It may involve lifestyle changes or drugs. Sometimes, surgery is recommended to repair the damage.

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