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The Am chord, with diagrams

The chord of A minor includes the notes A (root), C (third) and E (fifth).

The Am guitar chord is one of the most straightforward of chords to play; beginners usually find it the ultimate easy chord to learn. Three of the open strings each sound a note which belongs to the basic triad, the others fretted close together on the string.

The simple open version of the chord of A minor is laid out better harmonically than some guitar chords, so it's one of the most useful for players at any level.

The barre version of Am in the guitar chart sheet below uses the Em shape at the fifth fret and is perfectly balanced. If you're just starting bar chord work, the version in this diagram is one of the least difficult chords for a beginner to finger, whether on acoustic or electric guitar.

The fretted shape of the A minor chord is used as one of the main bar shapes to play on the guitar (along with the Em shape). Use it at the second fret, for example, to get Bm.

These diagrams are for standard guitar string tuning.

am guitar chord

On the piano, you need play only white keys (so you can concentrate on the lyrics more!).

As well as in its own key of A minor, the Am chord is most useful for songs in the keys of C major, Em, F major and G major, so you'll find it in lots of guitar tabs.