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Record Restorations

From 2002 this site originally offered a high-quality vinyl-to-digital transfer service to those who wished to have their old records and tapes converted to CDs or MP3s. The service specialized in producing transfers from LPs in reasonable condition into digital conversions that were almost indistinguishable in quality from, and occasionally better than, equivalent commercial CD releases. This was possible through the use of high-end record-playing equipment - namely the legendary Linn Sondek LP12 transcription turntable / Linn Ittok LV II tonearm / Goldring G1042 cartridge - for the analogue-to-digital process, as well as professional-standard vinyl disk cleaning and comprehensive noise-reduction techniques developed through extensive listening tests.

HQ Vinyl to CD for DIYers

Regrettably this service was finally discontinued in 2009 and is unlikely ever to be reinstated, other ventures having taken precedence. Some of the content on the original pages of this site, though, may be of interest to those who wish to make their own high-quality vinyl-to-digital transfers and is being reproduced in summary form (and possibly even expanded), as time permits, in the Vinyl to CD section.


Videocassette-to-DVD copying was never offered as part of this service, but if you are looking for that sort of digital transfer, you could try Video99.co.uk.