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Pelican 1650 Case with Foam

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A large and tough case for storing and transporting sensitive (and expensive) kit, such as photographic equipment. The foam which fills the Pelican 1650 may be cut to accept any shape. In the Amazon review section, users suggest ways to make the cutouts accurate.

The strength and lightness of this case are due to its construction from copolymer polypropylene and its open cell core / solid wall design.

Transportability is aided by the polyurethane wheels along with the retractable handle. The wheels have stainless steel bearings.

When closed, the case is completely watertight due to the tongue-and-groove mating of the hinged halves with polymer sealing strip. The case can breath, however, with the installed air valve; this allows air to vent as the case is transported through varying levels of atmospheric pressure.

Users are typically delighted with the level of protection afforded their gear by the Pelican case - gear ranging from photographic to church items, and even a 27-inch monitor.