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Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch

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The varied types of monitoring and tracking required by runners, cyclists, and general athletes alike is admirably carried out by this sophisticated device. "One device to rule them all" is the manufacturer's aim with this product.

The watch is fairly large, as you might expect of a device with such aspirations. It sports a mounting system which enables it to be used either on the wrist or on a bike, with effortless movement between each.

It can connect wirelessly to a variety of sensors such as for heart rate or bike speed. The (rechargeable) battery life is claimed at 8 hours, though an add-on is available to extend this to 24 hours.

The watch measures and records a comprehensive range of data types, and can analyze the data to help create new targets or custom activity sets. There is also web compatibility to allow upload for sharing and syncing to fitness sites.

Users who have provided feedback appear to be quite discriminating, many having had experience of other similar products. The general reception for this device is very positive, but as may be expected from something that attempts to do so much, it is always possible for any particular sportsman or sportswoman to discover an area of weakness.

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