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Garmin S1 Approach GPS Golf Watch

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This watch is yet another demonstration of how useful accurate GPS data can be. Go to virtually any golf course in the US or Canada and with the Approach S1 you can have a display showing exactly how far you are standing from the near edge, far edge or middle of the green for whatever hole you're playing.

The map data is already pre-loaded onto the Approach S1, which means that there are no required downloads and therefore no further costs. When updates are available they are free to download.

As a watch the battery life should last approaching three weeks before a recharge is necessary. This shortens to around eight hours when using the GPS facility - hopefully long enough for a round!

The S1 is of course waterproof and built to withstand the rigorous treatment it is likely to be subjected to at the hands of a keen golfer. Available in black or white.